Presented are highlights from Invirotreat s many successful projects.

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Designed an advanced MBR facility for treatment and recycling of wastewater at a Golf Course Community in San Diego County. Tertiary effluent meets Title 22 requirements, and is applied for Golf Course Irrigation

Upgraded an out-of-compliance leachate treatment plant and brought to full compliance. Designed treatment facilities for site liquids to allow for on-site recycle of 90% of total liquids produced at the site.

Designed a condensate treatment system to treat oil, oil emulsion and organic wastewater for sewer discharge. Condensate is produced by a Gas Compression process for Energy Recovery.

Converted a complex leachate and condensate treatment system to a simplified automated facility. The new system significantly reduced operating costs, and is essentially unattended.

Skyline Ranch Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Pinnacle Condensate Treatment System

Sunshine Canyon LTP and Site Water Recycling

Azusa Condensate Management System Upgrade


Upgraded a problematic biological-nitrification system into a high-performance ammonia/BOD biophysical treatment system at a hazardous waste disposal facility in Northern California.

Designed a centralized treatment plant which handles combined wastewater from Jewelry operations in Downtown Los Angeles, California, treating Cyanide and Precious Metals.

Acme Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant

IJC Wastewater Treatment System

Designed and licensed a water bottling treatment system, including carbon filtration and ozonation. Work included optimizing the operation and monitoring of the ozone disinfection system.

Driftwood Dairy Water Bottling Plant

Designed and started a tertiary Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) treatment plant for municipal wastewater at a Casino community in the Sacramento area.

Calusa Wastewater Treatment Plant

Consultant to the City of Industry Department of Public Works regarding study of impacts from industrial discharges to the storm drain on the water quality in the San Jose Creek.

San Jose Creek TMDL Study

Designed and managed a State-of-the-Art leachate treatment facility for hazardous leachate. The toxic organic wastewater is treated to potable water quality and is reused onsite for irrigation.

BKK Leachate Treatment Plant

Designed and operated a biophysical batch reactor system to completely detoxify high VOC-impacted groundwater (> 1,000 ppm) for discharge to the Storm Drain System.

Elixir Groundwater Treatment System